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We, at Plant-Powered Shift are committed to providing quality plant-based businesses that serve a curious community that are interested in enhancing their lives through a vegan diet.  Each of our brands offers a unique menu of products and services to educate and support our growing community. 


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Let Me Show You How To Eat Plant-Based.


As a former Type 2 Diabetic, I know the importance of healthy eating. I also know that the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains provided by nature can improve our overall health.  When I removed meat & dairy I was able to stop taking medication. 

I am a Vegan Chef, restauranteur, and Transition Guide.  I work with health-conscious people who are interested in eating plant-based.  

Contact me today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how we can work together to begin your healthy journey.

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Vegan Eats


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"I learned so much about choosing the right plant-based foods and how to stay motivated"

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"I had double knee surgery. Sherimane was cooking meals for me and recommending herbs and things to help me recover. I know she was an imoortant part of my recovery"

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"All my friends asked me what I was doing. I lost weight without really trying and feel so much better. Thanks Coach".

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Let us help... 

Transitioning to a plant-based way of eating can be challenging; I’m here to be your guide on your healthy journey. I’m an honest and positive coach whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing practical information to help you reach your goals.


Since 2010, I’ve been serving loyal clients and helping them achieve the results they desire - get in touch to start enjoying my services today.

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