Over the years, as a wellness coach, I've learned that no matter what kind of goal someone is trying

5 Reasons To Invest In Coaching

No two people are the same. Their needs are different, as are their capabilities. A personal coach can help you to apply what you’ve learned in a way that will make it the most effective for you. And that means that you should invest in it.

Here are five reasons coaching can help you reach your goals.

1. It Will Shorten Your Learning Curve

When it comes to your health there is no time to waste. The sooner you are able to start solving your problem the better you will feel. You don’t have an unlimited amount time. You need to be able to get results as quickly as you can, and that’s where a coach can be most effective.

2. You Can Avoid Making Mistakes That You Would Otherwise Commit

Any coach worth of the name will have already made the same mistakes that you’re likely to make and, as a result, will be able to show you how to avoid making them yourself. We all make mistakes and we can all learn from them, but it’s much better to get guidance from some who has been there…and done that.

3. You’ll Get Insights That You Would Not Otherwise Get

Someone who already knows the end from the beginning can see how your goals and expertise can be blended. You can only see what you’d like to do; but even if you have a reasonable idea of how you might be able to do so, a coach will be able to see exactly how to create a plan to reach your goals.

4. It Will Hold You Accountable In A Way That A Workshop Or Seminar Can’t

If you’ve ever been on any group training, then you’ll know that it’s quite easy to hide in the shadows. That’s because it’s likely that other attendees may be better prepared than you are. That’s not to say that you have been lazy; it just means that you don’t necessarily have to be quite as ready for the next session as you do if you’re working one-on-one.

Knowing that it will be just you and your coach forces you to prepare for each session. And you’ll know exactly what you need to do because, at the end of each one, you’ll agree with your coach on what you’ll accomplish by the next meeting.

5. It Will Force You To Discipline Yourself, To Develop Better Habits With Your Time

Because your appointment with your coach isn’t flexible, it means that you will have to be ready at a specific time. You won’t have the liberty to change the day or the time at the last minute. You might get away with it once, but if you try it again, then your coach will question your commitment to yourself.

We all need people, whether we think we do or not. This is one way to bring someone into a sphere that you can trust. People like that are very hard to find.

Sherimane Johnson is a Vegan Chef & Transition Guide with a focus on giving personalised one-to-one coaching to help you achieve your health goals. Whether it’s to lower the dependence on medication, improve cholestrol, reduce high blood pressure or lose body fat, Sherimane's mission is to help you get there. Sherimane specializes in Plant-based Transition, Plant-based Diet and Mindfulness.

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